Stock rom 2.3.3 v20c in zip format

Talking Stock rom 2.3.3 v20c in zip format

I cannot provide any further support as I don't have this device with me now.

STOCK ROM 2.3.3 v20C in zip format for LG p500 / optimus one

It is in zip format.
Follow these steps:
1. copy the zip in sdcard
2. boot into recovery pressing (home+vol down+power) button simultaneously
3. wipe data/factory reset
4. advanced -> wipe dalvik cache
5. go back to Main menu -> mounts and storage -> format system
6. install zip from sdcard -> select
Download :

Note: should work perfectly unless u changed u r baseband to v10


  1. thanks alot buddy you saved me...cyanogenmod was just way to glitchy for me

  2. @ satish bekal

    Yes it will be rooted, you are simply installing a new rom in the place of your current one. To fully unroot your phone, will require another complete almost format of your phone.

  3. Nice work..!
    I am a user of Gt-S5570 (Samsung Galaxy pop) and its real easy to install custom roms and even the stock firmware in it but when I installed Cyanogen Mod, my friend started to eat all my brain to get the same in his Optimus one. For months I was searching how to install CWM in it, as there is nothing like CWM for LG but then I came across your blog and here is the solution to all my problems...
    Thanks Alot

  4. Need a new link please, drop box is no longer working

  5. Links are disabled by dropbox for 3 days. they will be active after that. i cannot provide any mirror links , as im out of town n computer with me.

  6. thats alright, can you confirm the md5sum for as ebcacc40b75b0e549fea58a78c6bb221
    I found a link on a french forum

  7. i am new with this..... some java related problem showing when i install power amp player license check failed.

  8. i m using custom rom ics (version 4.0.4) in my lg optimus one p500, but i want to roll back to official rom version 2.3.3
    but i can^t do so

    plz help me

  9. The link isn't working. Is there another place I can download it from?

  10. I tried it, wasnt the sameas my other stock rom. I`m sticking to cm7 i dislike stock roms anyway

  11. link works ;)

  12. Thank you a lot too =)

  13. c'est bon ca !!!
    Merci beaucoup.

  14. Bro this stock rom can i used to PC suit mode??

  15. Hi Guys if The given link is not open,use this it may open-

  16. i want to re install rom lg p500 official 2.3.3 ginger bread but i cant find it ...plz give me link download official rom for lg p500 because othe rom has a lot of problem camera not work mobile network lock usb debugging usb massstorage wifi terthening on problem..many feature have problem so plz dont install other unofficial rom...

  17. I think my phone is bricked. Damn Dont follow this fucking tutorial/Directions and watsoever.Youre such a fucking awesome. I Warned you donot follow the thingy! It bricks my precious phone

  18. Hi,
    I tried to download many times from your provided link and it is not working.
    Could you please provide us another working link so it will be very useful to all.

  19. I updated using the instructions provided...HOWEVER...EVERY TIME I swipe the screen to unlock phone I get:

    " SORRY!
    The application Settings (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    Force Quit"


    I tried a few times to get things to work. I tried clearing the cash and the dalvik cache. I can NEVER get to a point where I can actually use the phone!!!!

    Someone know how to fix this? The phone was given to me with Cyanogenmod 7 on it and I need to unlock it but that can only be done with the original ROM. The phone is for my Son and I'd really like to get it to a point where it can be used.

    1. I believe you are not clearing user data. Please clean user data from custom recovery menu before/after flashing.

  20. when i install the zip and after reboot shows that "systen not rooted"
    NO or YES which of them i want to select
    pls help me sir

  21. format() expects 5 args, got 3
    E: Error in /storage/sdcard0/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

    what can I do to fix this? thanks

    1. not sure. check below link if it helps